Tin Bronze

Backed by a team of experts and well equipped manufacturing unit, we present wide gamut of Tin, Tin Bronze, Tin Bronze Castings, Tin Bronze Rods etc. In order to ensure quality, we produced our range in accordance with set international norms of quality. Tin bronze are known for their corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and low friction coefficient against steel. Our range is available in below mentioned specifications and chemical composition for specific requirements.

Standard Nearest ISO Designation International Equivalent Chemical Composition by Wt. % Conditions
IS DIN ISO JIS ASTM NFA Cu% Sn% P% Pb% Zn% Others
BS 1400 PB1 CuSn10P 28 1705 1338 - B-505 - Rem 11 - 15.5 0.5 - 1.0 0.25 max 0.05 max Fe-0.10max Total Imp 0.60% max Unwrought
BS 1400 PB2 CuSn 11P 28 1705 1338 - B-505 53707 Rem 11 - 13.0 0.15 - 0.60 0.05 max 0.30 max Total Imp 0.2% max Unwrought
BS 1400 CT 1 CuSn10 28 17662/ 17672 427-1983 M-3270 C-5212 B-139 - Rem 9 - 11.0 0.15 max 0.25 max 0.05 max Fe-0.10Total Imp 0.80% max Unwrought

Standard Mechanical Properties Applications
UTS N/mm2 E% Y.S. Rp 0.2
BS 1400 PB1 360min 6min 170mm 90
Having high friction co-efficient Suitable when working at very high speed used for bearings, sockers, jackets, rings valve guides etc.
BS 1400 PB2 310min 5min 170min 90
The utilization are similar to CuSn10p: bearing screw-wheels, worm-wheels, press bolts and nuts etc.
BS 1400 CT 1 310 min 9 min - -
Having good resistance to corrosion and abrasion so it is used in mechanics public works, high pressure pumps and it includes all above usage mentioned.
* The examples above mentioned are only indicative.