Leaded Bronze

Presenting an array of Leaded Bronze , Leaded Bronze Rods, Leaded Bronze Hexagons, Leaded Bronze Bars that are developed from highest quality of materials under the supervision of expert engineers. The leaded bronze are known for their resistance towards corrosion, abrasion and their long service life. Our expertise in the industry enables us to provide the range in undermentioned grades and composition, suitable for variegated industrial applications.

Standard Nearest ISO Designation International Equivalence Chemical Composition by Wt. % Conditions
IS DIN ISO SAE Cu% Sn% P% Pb% Zn% Others
ASTM B-139, C54400 CuSn4Pb4Zn4 - - - - Rem 3.5 - 4.5 0.01-0.50 max 3.5-4.5 max 1.5-4.5 Fe-0.1 Total Imp 0.50% max H
ASTM B505, C 83600 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 1705, RG-5 1338, BS-1400, LG-2 318, SAE J461 J 462 84-86 4-6 0.05 max 4-6 4-6 Fe-0.10 max Total Imp 0.50% max Un wrought
ASTM B505, C 93200 CuSn7Pb7Zn3 1705, RG-7 1338, BS 1400, LG-2 318, SAE J461 J 462 81-85 6-8 0.05 max 5-7 3-5 Fe-0.10 max Total Imp 0.50% max Un wrought

Standard Mechanical Properties Applications
UTS N/mm2 E% Y.S. Rp 0.2
ASTM B-139 C54400 345-447 10-15 min - -
Hard and half hard leaded bronze used for friction parts at average speed and pressure it is used as bearings, sockets, slides, nuts etc.
ASTM B505 C 83600 225 min 16 min 90 min 60 min Leaded Bronze with excellent friction built is suitable for bearings, rings immersed, oil less bearings, chemical industries.
ASTM B505, C 93200 240 min 15 min 128 min 65 min This type of Leaded Bronze used when in corrosive abrasive conditions. Having good machinability, application to machine bearing, bush, bolts, nuts, Coupling, bushing and for ball point pen etc.
*Rods/Bars for electrical purposes the conductivity/resistivity shall be as agreed.
* The examples above mentioned are only indicative.